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Merely Minds - Steady on Me (Live)

Merely Minds - Steady on Me (Live)

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Born and raised in Berlin in 2019, Merely Minds bring the most of energetic and emotional rock music to the audience. Since day one, their motto is “BE WHO YOU ARE”, expressed through lyrics, music style, and even their fashion in concerts and daily life. Since their creation with Dan Perry (vocals), Luke Maz (drums) and Gaylor Ricciardi (guitars), being greatly added up by Felix Avarian (piano & FX) and Simon Henschen (bass), this international group brought the attention of several people, being invited to concerts in different cities and even winning contests around Germany, such as Spätival Berlin 2020. The most recent accomplishment was participating in the Bundeslfinale (National Finals) of Local Heroes in 2021, an important organization that discovers great talents, such as Tokyo Hotel in the last decades. Combining the inspiring voice of Dan, the wild beats of Luke, the absolutely rocky guitar riffs from Gaylor, the expressive keys of Felix and the ultimate groovy bass from Simon, Merely Minds has a lot to offer and express. Through their performances, you’ll feel inspired of being proud you yourself. Mostly influenced by Queen and Muse, their mission is to bring meaning to every different moment of a lifetime.



(+49) 1735422392

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